Dalmoice B-litter born 8.2.2021, 12 Wonderful and healthy black spotted puppies!

We have an interesting litter from RKF Ch. Symphony of Stars Giperion (Loki) d. 9.10.2016, HD A/A. BAER+/+, lemon carrier, all teeth, scissor bite, height 60 cm (Owned by Olga Strakhova and breed by Irina Kalugina)


C.I.B., NordCh., ISCh, NLM, RW-18, Dalmatian of the year 2017-2018 and 2020 Lacrima Christi Could it be Magic (Panda) d.28.02.2016, HD B/B. BAER+/+, lemon free, eyes clear, scissor bite, -1 Pm, height 56 cm. 8-Generation Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI): 3.3463%

With this very promising combination, in our opinion, we hope for a healthy, very typeful, energetic and high-quality standard white-black puppies with very nice temperament and a quality


Dalmoice Bone Machine BAER +/+

Dalmoice Beautiful Day BAER +/+

Dalmoice Born to Run BAER +/+

Dalmoice Bring it On BAER +/+

Dalmoice Bella Ciao BAER +/+


Dalmoice Buffalo Soldier BAER +/+ 

Dalmoice Black Star BAER +/+

Dalmoice Blue in Green BAER +/+

Dalmoice Brown Sugar BAER +/+

Dalmoice Behind Blue Eyes BAER +/+

Dalmoice Bohemian like you BAER +/+, one blue eye

Dalmoice Beetlebum BAER +/+, patch

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