We are family of six and live in Reykjavík, Iceland. The mother of the house had always wanted a Dalmatian. So, in 2016, we decided to make that dream come true and buy a Dalmatian. We didn't want a dog with many grooming requirements, and we were looking for a fun, lively and active dog. We read about the characteristics of the typical Dalmatian and we thought it suited our family's lifestyle very well. They are energetic, loyal, loving, intelligent and stubborn dogs. They're also very funny, and they can change from being a prim and proper dog to a clown the next minute. On top of that they're very good and gentle family dogs and very versatile working dogs. All those traits checked our boxes and in 2016 we started to look carefully for a good breeder. We bought our first dalmatian the same year ans she is the Kennel's first import bitch, arrived, and she has left a deep mark on my heart with her wonderful nature and beauty to this day. We named her Panda and she is from the Kennel Lacrima Christi in Croatia.  When Panda came eight months old, she was a very healthy and well-balanced dog. We realized quickly how a wonderful addition Panda was to our family. She brought endless joy and warmth to our family life.

We soon started to bring her to our Kennel-Club's dog shows and she quickly started collecting points and titles. She always loves the show-ring and she is now an International, Nordic and Icelandic Champion and has even manage to get in the the big BIS ring. When we realized we had such a good quality dog in our hands we decided to import a male for her and start our own breeding program, hopefully building a good base of Dalmatians here in Iceland.

Our male Bassi arrived in the spring 2018 from the renowned Russian Kennel Iz Terleskoy Dubravy. He's different from Panda in many ways. He does not chase balls or swim, which are some of Panda's favorite activities, but instead he likes to work with his nose a lot and he's got a very big personality. He's very energic, gentle and kind and loves nothing more than getting a good cuddle and a hug from his family. He's also very good at nose work and really loves to run long distance with his dad.

In 2019 we had our first DalmoIce litter from our wonderful family members Panda and Bassi. Thirteen puppies were brought to daylight on the fifth of February that year. It was the first Dalmatian litter in Iceland in 11 years.  We take our role as a breeder very seriously and we will take our time and considered thought in every step. We only breed from dogs with full hearing and BAER tested and free from health problems. We take quality above quantity in our breeding always. Our ultimate goal is to preserve and promote the Dalmatian breed and that is not easy and takes time and carefully thinking about every decision we make as a breeders. We want the hole package dogs with excellent anatomy according to standard, friendly temperament and good health.

We sell puppies to loving and active people who are willing to work with their dogs in sports like long distance walking canicross, tracking, nosework, obedience or agility. 

We have all our dogs and puppies Baer hearing tested.

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